I focus on the treatment of a range of psychological difficulties including the following:

  • Depression.
  • Anxiety (such as panic attacks and social phobia).
  • Trauma (such as difficulties following a rape, hijacking or burglary).
  • Marital and family difficulties.
  • Grief (such as when you lose someone you love).
  • Addiction (counseling).
  • The practice also aims to help individuals who are trying to work through other difficulties such as conflicts, difficult decisions and a sense of meaninglessness.

In addition to these services I also offer consulting and support services to businesses. These services include:

  • Offering confidential support to management professionals who need discreet support with difficult circumstances and decisions.
  • On-site counseling to staff following traumatic events.
  • Advice and training on various skills and topics (this has included topics such as stress management, emotional intelligence, schizophrenia, Tik, etc.).




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